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Welcome to Social Media Wiki – the home of wiki pages for YouTubers, Instagrammers, TikTokers.

This website was created to host wiki pages for social media creators who, while may have followings, have been deemed by Wikipedia not to be "notable".

To create a new page, simply type in the name of new page into the search bar. In the search results, you will have the option to create a new page.

This website was launched with some rescued deleted Wikipedia pages of social media creators, but we need your help to expand the site, so please contribute by adding pages for your favorite social media creators; however, please don't just copy and paste from other websites. And unlike Wikipedia, we also welcome autobiographical pages.

It is the goal of Social Media Wiki to be a directory for content by online creators. It is planned to create categorised listings of YouTube channels and other social media platforms to help viewers discover new content that they're interested in.

A list of articles currently on this wiki is below.

If you appear on this website and wish to have your page deleted, or if you need to contact the admin for any other reason, please email [email protected].

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