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Runforthecube is an anonymous YouTuber who reviews candy, food, and toys. He also shoots travel vlog videos. Runforthecube's face is never shown and the only visible part of his body is his green gloves.

Description and History[edit | edit source]

The YouTube channel first started uploading name and word pronunciation videos on his channel in September 2011, even though the channel had previously been created in March 2009. The YouTube videos featured only audio with white text on a black background, with no other visual elements.

Video elements[edit | edit source]

All of the product review videos have the same introduction of the person saying 'Hello, this is Runforthecube' followed by a statement on what is being reviewed. The toys, candy, or other products are poked with surgical tools or cut open with a scalpel while Runforthecube wears green medical gloves. It appears that the videos are shot and edited with a voice-over added afterwards. At the end of each video, Runforthecube says the catch phrase "Peace, peace out". The high pitch of the Runforthecube voice and the unique English dialect adds to the mystic.

Sanjeev Cube[edit | edit source]

On January 28, 2017, a new puppet character called Sanjeev Cube was added to the Runforthecube channel. The puppet appears to be an antique Indian Kathputli doll that wears gray sweatpants, a red checkered shirt, a red turban, and green medical gloves. The Sanjeev Cube puppet appears in music videos, internet challenge videos, and photos. A digital lookbook was created from photos of Sanjeev in Iceland.

Reaction[edit | edit source]

The channel first gained notoriety after being featured in the popular NHL blog 'Puck Daddy' on Yahoo Sports , Around the Horn on ESPN, and the Jim Rome Show. The channel expanded video content from just name pronunciations to music covers in 2012 with a cover of What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. The Runforthecube music covers of I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift and Royals by Lorde were shared widely on Tumblr generating over four million audio plays. Runforthecube has recorded over 270 cover songs that are available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

Runforthecube videos are popular with reaction and social commentary YouTube channels. On July 29, 2016, Erik Hofstead of Internet Comment Etiquette uploaded the YouTube video 'Children's Online Entertainment' with a reaction to a Runforthecube video. On August 26, 2016, Pyrocynical posted a commentary video called 'Cringe Has a New Form'. On September 3, 2016, Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3Productions produced a nine minute reaction video to the Runforthecube channel.

Language and speech[edit | edit source]

Runforthecube uses a consistent and unique idiolect that alters the English Standard to emphasize different syllables and vowels. He speaks English by pronouncing words phonetically. Many of the sentences in the video commentary are restated twice for an unknown reason. At the end of words or sentences, Runforthecube makes a high pitched squeak.