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Finders Beepers History Seekers comprises of two Engish YouTube explorers called Matt and Andy. They travel the UK and Europe looking for interesting and abandoned places and document them.

YouTube[edit | edit source]

The channel was conceived in 2017 whilst Matt, Andy and Roy were on a trip to Edinburgh. Originally the channel was going to be videos showcasing their metal detecting trips.

The direction of the channel changed when a friend suggested they try urban exploring, leading to Matt and Andy visiting the Suicide Farmhouse and filming their first Urbex video. The channel continued predominantly with metal detecting videos until Roy left in 2017.

They were then joined on explores by TC and visited some great locations together, including the Abandoned RAF Base and Denbigh Asylum. TC left after only a small number of appearances.

Matt and Andy have said that they will keep the channel as it is now, just the two of them. The channel is now an Urban exploration channel and has seen them visit multiple countries including France, Russia, Germany, Belgium, and Estonia.

Videos that included the discovery of the Secret Nazi Tunnels and the James Bond Mansion were covered in worldwide media.

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